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Печатающая головка/Konica KM512 LH 42PL

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Артикул: PRH-KON-010
Производитель запчасти: Konica Minolta
Совместимость с марками принтеров: Sun Innovatins / Skyjet / Docan / Kincolor / Folga / BigPrinter / Dilli Neo Titan UV-1606W, Docan 2512 UV (only for white ink) / 2518 UV (only for white ink) / 2518-16 UV (only for white ink) / 3020 UV (only for white ink), Gerber Solara Ion V / Solara Ion X, Grapo Manta Slim / Octopus II, Leopard UVB, Ampla Digital Targa Pro, Flora F1 320UV
Печатающая головка/Konica KM512 LH 42PL /

The Konica Minolta KM512 LH print head is a robust, shear mode, piezo on-demand print head that is usable in binary mode only. The Konica Minolta KM512 LH print head has 512 nozzles with a droplet size of 42 pico litre and a native resolution of 360 dpi. It has an integrated heater, which makes it ideal for oil based and UV inks, but it works with solvent ink as well. The heater can be heated up to 55°C. This print head is also known as the Konica Minolta KM512 LHX. This is Konica original print head and it includes the Head ID and the necessary waveform information. It carries a product warranty.


  • Technology: On-Demand Piezo Electric
  • Native Resolution: 360 dpi
  • Cal. Droplet Size: 42 pico litre
  • Tot. Amount of Nozzles: 512 (256 nozzles per line)
  • Nozzle Spacing: 70.5 microns
  • Print Width: 36.1 mm
  • Firing Frequency: 7.6 kHz
  • Ink Compatibility: Oil Based, Solvent and UV Inks
  • Heater: integrated